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In your opinion, how much confidence can appearance add to the person’s success? A beautiful smile, well-cared-for skin, firm and fit body and perfect posture. You can’t but agree that we notice such people from the distance and perceive them as leaders, charismatic and perfect people and we try to imitate their style and admire them. What unites such people? We believe that it’s love, love towards themselves. Such people take care of their health and bodies by choosing only the best care from the top specialists. These people have high standards and if you are one of those who value themselves and strive for excellence, then you will definitely appreciate the high level of services that we provide.

In Vista-Dental Clinic we provide the services that have to do with dental solutions, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. In the course of 3 years of our clinic’s existence, Vista-Dental has already become a kind of synonym for high quality. We constantly receive clients from abroad and from other cities and towns of Ukraine, because once you become a client of Vista-Dental Clinic, you will no longer be able to agree to a lower level of services. It is the place for those who value their time and comfort and strive to get the best for themselves. The head doctor of our clinic is a dentist who has the highest category in therapy, surgery and healthcare organization – Igor Leonidovich Buryakov.

Igor Leonidovich Buryakov
The head doctor of the clinic
Dental surgeon of the highest category
Specialist of the highest category in organization and management of health protection

We have taken into consideration all details at Vista-Dental Clinic from arranging the space, getting appointments to postoperative care.
We make sure that our patients get an appointment at a convenient time and don’t have to wait, also receive maximum attention and benefits. Moreover, our clinic works in 3 different spheres and we understand that our clients that come to get cosmetic or aesthetic services don’t want to be in the center of attention. That is why we have built our clinic in such a way that we could limit the flow of people when it’s necessary and allow privacy and comfort for our patients.

Safety of our patients is also a priority for us. And when we say this we mean not only the sterility of the premises and equipment or visiting dental hygienist. Nowadays, many doctors perform surgeries, but only a few have fully equipped operating rooms for this. We have two of them. Our operating rooms are our pride, everything is thought out there to the last detail: from hygiene places for doctors and patients to tables, equipment and uninterrupted electricity. There is also a postoperative ward where one can experience the most comfortable conditions created for patients.


We are proud of our colleagues. These are doctors from Mariupol, Cherkassy, Chernigov and Kremenchug. They all have extensive experience, high qualification categories and are constantly improving their professional levels. We monitor the work of doctors and the level of customer satisfaction with the performed procedures. Our doctors perform work of various levels of complexity, they do it perfectly and we are very proud of the results.

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