Our values and principles of work

The mission and the values of Vista-Dental

We always act in the best interest of the patient. The life of a person his or her well-being, confidence in the future for themselves and their family are all the main values for each and every staff member of our clinic. We use the best medical technologies and our employees regularly improve their skills. We also create the best conditions for ultimate comfort for every patient.
We continuously improve all processes that ensure high quality of services, such as professional skills, level of services, mastering latest technologies, high quality of management and reliability of equipment.
We are aware of the responsibility towards our patients for the results of their treatment and we guarantee the use of the most effective, modern and safe methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention as well as compliance with the highest moral and ethical standards and confidentiality of the treatment process.


Dental services

Our Clinic provides a wide range of dental services that are in demand now and a number of unique and rare for Ukraine procedures and surgeries.

Plastic surgery

We perform aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. We change the contours and proportions of the face and body parts, perform anti-aging surgeries, perform breast reconstruction, and remove excess fat deposits.




We will make all your dreams about ideal appearance come true, we will give you radiant looks, a slim figure and elastic skin as well as preserve your beauty and youth for many years.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism to Ukraine for patients from other countries

Vista-Dental Clinic provides medical tourism services for foreigners. We offer our foreign clients a wide range of procedures in the sphere or aesthetic surgery, dental services and cosmetology.

Technical equipment of the Clinic

Vista-Dental Clinic opened in 2019. The four-storey building with the total area of 1000 sq.m. was designed and built according to all modern standards in dental services and plastic surgery.
The inpatient department of the clinic has 2 high-tech operating rooms and 3 comfortable single and double wards.
The operating room for plastic surgery is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment exclusively made by foreign manufacturers of surgery equipment from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Israel. We also use the latest inventions and certified materials in our work.
The dental operating room is equipped specially for large-scale surgical procedures, including those used for general anesthesia. Operating units feature entirely high-class equipment with the latest world innovations in surgical sphere.

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