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Dental services

The dental services in Vista-Dental Clinic are provided by a large number of staff, and each member of the staff is a leading specialist and a true professional in his or her field. Each and every patient is a new story for us. We create an individual plan of treatment after a thorough check-up and with involvement of all related specialists of the clinic. When providing dental services in Vista-Dental, the doctors will not only treat your teeth, but also give you recommendations on how to take care of your smile and choose the right paste and brush.
Here we do all the necessary things to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. And thanks to the fact that our dentists follow the latest treatment protocols and use the equipment, which is unique for Ukraine, the procedures are performed without pain. We have several most comfortable types of anesthesia, including sleep treatment.
For our patients who undergo a great stress, have a high gag reflex, have nervous system disease, and also for our little patients, we can provide sleep treatment.
Sedation is putting a patient into a state of sleep. It helps our patients to get rid of fear and make sure the procedure is completely painless. Sedation also allows to carry out a large amount of work during one visit. The patient falls asleep instantly, as the drug acts immediately. This procedure is done by a team of experienced anesthesiologists and they constantly control all vital functions of the patient.

Our clinic has modern equipment which allows us to solve patient’s issues at a high level. Thanks to the innovative devices, our dentists carry our check-up more accurately and make treatment using international protocols.
Services provided by Vista-Dental Clinic are at the top level. Vista-Dental also has the most favorable location in the center of the city. The clinic is in a 4-storey building with 9 medical offices.
Coming into the clinic, you will be greeting by smiling administrators at the reception and offered aromatic coffee. In the doctor’s office you will not feel uncomfortable, you will be seated in a comfy chair and pleasant music will help you distract.

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Dental treatment

Emergency care in urgent situations, professional dental treatment, restoration and reconstruction of teeth


We provide treatment and prevention of all types of periodontal diseases


It is a high-quality and reliable way to restore teeth


We perform all kinds of surgeries from tooth extraction to complex jaw operations


It is the most effective method of restoration of lost teeth with a high level of functioning and aesthetics


We do teeth alignment with modern braces without discomfort and with guaranteed result

Dental price list

Service fee

Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Consultation of a dentist140-350
Panoramic X-ray250
Spot X-ray100
Photopolymer filling520-950
1 root canal treatment330-1000
Filling after endodontic treatment 650-900
Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Complex teeth cleaning, 2 jaws700-1400
Gingivotomy (1 tooth) (without anesthesia)460
Gingivectomy (1 tooth) (without anesthesia) 500
Opening of a periodontal abscess, drainage (without anesthesia)230
Periodontal curettage of one pocket (without anesthesia) 300
Dental curettage of one pocket (without anesthesia)230
Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Metal-ceramic crown 1750-1950
Zirconia crownfrom 5000
Veneer from 4800
Removable denture (acrylic, nylon) (1 jaw) from 4500
Bugel prosthesis (1 jaw) from 6050
Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Extraction of an upper wisdom tooth 1350-2100
Extraction of a lower wisdom tooth2000-2450
Usual extraction 520-700
Complex extraction 800-1300
Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Implant placement (with healing cap) from 9000
Abutment 3000
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant2500
Zirconia crown on the implant 5000
Micro-implant 5000
Type of servicePrice (UAH)
Installation of a metal ligature bracket system (1 jaw) 9500
Installation of a ceramic ligature bracket system (1 jaw) 12500
Installation of a metal self-adjusting bracket system (1 jaw) 13700
Installation of a ceramic self-adjusting bracket system (1 jaw) 18000
Installation of a combined bracket system (1 jaw) 10500
Retainer  1350
Scheduled inspection (arcs + cleaning)220
Bonding bracket60

* The price of the service depends on various factors and is calculated individually after consulting with a specialist.

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Professionals in what they do

Our specialists

All our doctors are experienced specialists in a certain field and constantly increase their professional level. We thoroughly choose the specialists as their hands and knowledge create your beauty and health.

Igor Leonidovich

Dental surgeon of the highest category

A confident person, honest, brave and determined. That’s how colleagues and patients see Igor Leonidovich. The most important thing for him while working is to deeply realize the aim, to thoroughly assess the situation and to make up a clear plan of action.

Irina Yuryevna

dental therapist

Patients note that Irina Yuryevna is a very intelligent and attentive doctor. She believes that the most important thing in her work is the high quality of treatment and patient’s comfort. Patience and commitment to excellence always help to achieve the maximum results.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna

dental therapist

Professionalism combined with personal charm, sensitivity, ability to listen and understand each patient make Svetlana Aleksandrovna a truly exceptional specialist.

Vasiliy Anatolyevich

Attentive and charismatic person that is full of optimism even in difficult situations. That’s the way patients characterize Vasiliy Anatolyevich. Being a great specialist, he is truly dedicated to his work and constantly keeps up to date with the latest advances in dental services and knows well how to use modern treatment methods.

Aleksey Aleksandrovich

Aleksey Aleksandrovich considers orthodontology to be the dental solution of the future and is sincerely passionate about his work. His life motto is constant self-improvement in his profession. He is always focused on the complex treatment of his patients, that is why he closely interacts with the doctors in other fields.

Lyudmila Pavlovna

X-ray technician

One of the best specialists in this field. The quality of her work is greatly valued not only in Vista-Dental Clinic.

Viktoriya Aleksandrovna

medical nurse

Our valuable helper who sometimes can tell at a glance what a doctor needs, and at times is even one step ahead in knowing what’s going to be needed.

Viktoriya and Lyudmila

medical administrators

Our smiling and welcoming administrators will help you get an appointment and answer any questions that you may have.

Question - answer

Frequently asked questions

Dental veneers are ceramic shells for front teeth. They are also called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates with the only difference that has to do with thickness of the layers and the amount of the tooth enamel grinded. And composite veneers are used for the restoration of the front teeth with filling material. Of course, ceramic veneers are more practical and aesthetically more beautiful, but the choice depends on the clinical picture and the preferences of the patient.

There are two ways to align the teeth. The first one is putting braces. They can be made of metal, sapphire, porcelain or plastic. They can be located both on the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth. The second option is wearing Invisalign plastic aligners. They are transparent and very easy to use, but, unfortunately, they are not suitable for every case.

Incorrect bite of teeth can lead to damage and abrasion of teeth and gum disease. It is also directly related to changes in the maxillotemporal joint.

Yes, it is a rather safe surgery that is quite predictable. Implants are made of an inert material called titanium, which is completely biocompatible with the human body. After a classic operation that completely follows the surgical protocol, and with the patient’s strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendations, the implants take root with a statistical probability of 98%.

No, milk teeth must be treated. After all, they serve a child for 10-12 years. And this period of life is very important for a child. The future health of a child depends on what he or she eats, and without high-quality nutrition, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted and health problems may arise. And therefore it is necessary to take the child to the dentist for the timely treatment of milk teeth.

Getting an appointment

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