Medical tourism

Medical tourism to Ukraine for foreign patients

Vista-Dental Clinic provides medical tourism services.
We offer our foreign clients a wide range of procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery, dental services and cosmetology.


Our clinic has a number of advantages that allow us to admit foreign patients at the level that corresponds to high class services in leading private clinics in the world:

  • Our clients get the best services from the top specialists in one place: dental services, plastic surgery and cosmetology.
  • The surgeons of our clinic perform plastic surgeries of any level of complexity.
  • We provide optimal preparation before and rehabilitation after a plastic surgery with the development of an individual treatment program.
  • We have additional services aimed at supporting and comfortable staying of nonresident patients in our clinic.
  • The dentists of our clinic have more than 15 years of experience in various fields: treatment, periodontics, prosthetics, surgery, implantation and orthodontics.

Understanding all the difficulties and inconveniences that a foreign patient may face, Vista-Dental Clinic has prepared additional services in order to create maximum comfort for a foreign guest who decides to come to our clinic for treatment. These services are as follows:

  • As a prior consultation is required before a plastic surgery, it is scheduled remotely. To do this, the patient needs to get in touch with the administrator of the Clinic (use the page “Contact us”), after this the doctor will conduct a consultation using e-mail, messenger (Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram) or Skype.
  • We will inform you which documents you need to take with you, what payment options are available for our services, what the preoperative examination consists of, which tests can be taken at the place where you reside, and which ones must be taken right before the operation.
  • We will help you select an acceptable route of arrival to Kremenchuk and book the tickets.
  • We will meet the patient at the airport / train station, and arrange a transfer on the day of arrival / departure.
  • We will help you find accommodation (apartment, hotel), unless inpatient treatment in our Clinic is required after the surgery. In case of inpatient treatment in the Clinic, we provide all-inclusive services that include medical drugs, meals, surgical bandaging, round-the-clock care.
  • To overcome the language barrier, we involve translators, and part of the clinic’s staff speaks English.
  • We will help to organize leisure for the patient and his/her dear ones and relatives who come together. You can also use the services of local tour guides.Contact us and get an appointment. We will be glad to meet you!


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