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Plastic surgery

Vista-Dental Medical Center also provides services in the field of plastic surgery. We use advanced approaches to plastic surgery. Our specialists even develop their own copyright techniques that attract attention of the world medical community.
Our skilled professionals practice “natural surgery”, in which the main task of the doctor is to preserve the individual characteristics of the patient and achieve the most effective results in rejuvenation.
Our specialists have their own copyright techniques, which include unique schemes of correction of age-related changes, improved methods of endoscopic lifting, low-traumatic abdominal plastic surgery and much more.
The clinic also performs operations that have become classic in aesthetic surgery. This is a professional mammoplasty with no scars, insertion of breast implants, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and other surgeries. The work of the surgeons of our clinic is a guarantee of an impeccable result that will last for a long time.
Highly qualified staff and a unique technological base allow the clinic to successfully compete with leading medical centers in Western Europe and the world. The doctors constantly keep track of current trends in the field of aesthetic surgery, that is why all advanced techniques that deserve attention in the medical scientific community appear here in our clinic.


From nose reconstruction after injuries, treatment of deviated nasal septum to aesthetic correction of the tip of the nose


The surgery for reshaping eyelids, cut of the eyes, treating droopy upper eyelids, removing eye bags


The surgery for changing the volume and shape of breasts, areolas, nipples, as well as lifting


It will help reduce the ear size, eliminate sticking-out ears, inborn defect of ear auricles, correct ear deformation


It will help get your flat stomach back and get rid of imperfections that are difficult to correct any other way


This procedure removes local accumulations of fat tissue in order to correct the shapes and contours of certain areas of your body


It is a surgical intervention that is meant to correct age-related changes


It is used for correcting facial and body volumes by transplanting fat tissue from one zone to the zone of correction

Price- list for surgery

Service fee

Please note that in the tables the cost is indicated only for the operation!

Additional costs will be:

  • necessary tests before surgery;
  • anesthesia during surgery;
  • consumables for the operation;
  • hospital stay after surgery;
  • necessary medications in the postoperative period.

You will receive detailed information at an individual consultation +38(096)275-82-82. Or sign up using the form on the site and we will definitely contact you!

Procedure Price (UAH)
Consultation  250
Procedure Price (UAH)
Narcosis 5500
Ward (1st day) 1200
Ward (2nd day) 2000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Otoplasty  15000
Rhinoplasty  45000
Lower blepharoplasty 19000
Upper blepharoplasty 15000
Circular blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids) 30000
Lower 2/3 face lift 40000
Platysmoplasty 10000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Mammoplasty (without implants) 45000
Mammoplasty + mastopexy (without implants) 50000
Mammoplasty + anchor mastopexy (without implants)  60000
Anchor mastopexy  45000
Vertical mastopexy 35000
Circumareolar mastopexy 12000
Reduction mastopexy 64000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Mini abdominoplasty 30000
Mini abdominoplasty + liposuction 35000
Abdominoplasty 40000
Abdominoplasty + liposuction 50000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Ingrown toenail removal 2000
Removal of exostosis 2000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Lipofilling 1 zone (10 x 10 cm.) 5000
Lipofilling of the hands, face, or chest 10000
Procedure Price (UAH)
Chin liposuction 10000
Liposuction of the anterior neck with platysmoplasty 25000
Liposuction of one zone 10 * 10 cm. Up to 20 ml., More than 20 mm. 5000, 10000
Liposuction of the withers 10000

* Remember that the final amount of all costs depends on the individual clinical case of the patient. Therefore, only after a personal inspection can the necessary calculations be made.

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Professionals in their field

Our specialists

The high level of services and professionalism of Vista-Dental Clinic specialists has been recognized not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.
All our specialists are talented doctors of the highest category, holders of Doctorate Degree in Medicine or Candidates of Medical Science who have been working in the medical field for over 15 years. High-tech methods, up-to-date equipment and comfortable conditions provided for our patients are those things that make our clinic a leading one in the sphere of beauty and health.

Friendliness, honesty, openness, attention to peculiarities and issues of every person are the foundation for building trusting relationship between the surgeon and the patient, which is very important if you want to achieve the best results. After all, we do not just make our patients more beautiful, younger, slimmer, we help them gain freedom, increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.


The staff of our clinic are the top specialists in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
The fundamental principle of the our doctor’s work lies in sufficient and natural harmony in any person’s appearance, and interfering in this should be strictly necessary and definitely preserve the individual characteristics of the patient’s appearance.
Long-term experience of our doctors  helps to solve even rather complex issues. During his medical practice, the doctor applies the best achievements of the world’s leading clinics.

The doctor’s talent has already been recognized by many patients. This is his natural talent and virtuoso technique, the mind and the heart, the sense of taste and sensitivity, the feeling of harmonious proportions and the highest aesthetic results which help achieve beauty that in its turn harmonizes the health and the quality of life of the patient. After all, things that make us more beautiful also add us energy, joy and health!

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Frequently asked questions

It is advisable to quit smoking and taking certain medications one week before the surgery and during early postoperative period. This issue is discussed at the consultation with an anesthesiologist. You should not eat anything and limit drinking on the evening before the operation.

The stitches are removed one week after the operation. Most of the swelling and hematomas disappear in 2-3 weeks, and the final result is assessed in 6-12 months.

In case of transconjunctival blepharoplasty the access to the fat deposits of the lower eyelid is gained from the inner side of the eyelid. The operation is more gentle and doesn’t leave scars on the skin. It is used when the changes of eyelids are minimal as it doesn’t allow to cut off skin.

There is certain microsurgical technique that allows to achieve almost invisible postoperative scars, moreover, they are always located in inconspicuous places. Therefore, soon after this surgery, patients can make short haircuts and tuck their hair back.

After rejuvenating face surgeries, it is recommended to limit physical activities during one and a half months. It is also recommended to avoid staying in the sun, visiting steam baths and saunas.

The possibilities of modern rhinoplasty are almost endless. We can not only correct minor imperfections of the nose, but also improve breathing, as well as completely restore the shape of the nose after an injury. Our task is to create the nose of your dreams, which fully matches the proportions and shapes of your face.

If rhinoplasty is performed in a closed way, then no visible scars will appear. In case of open nose surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the area between the nostrils called columella. But you shouldn’t worry. This small seam afterwards becomes completely invisible.

Practically speaking, a normal ear is actually developed by the age of 6. However, the optimal age for performing otoplasty is 8-10 years, since at this age the structural strength of the cartilaginous tissue is rather high, and it is possible to make an agreement with the child and explain why the operation is necessary.

There is no fundamental difference from the point of technical performance of the surgery. Usually women have more aesthetic requirement for a postoperative scar, while for men this issue is not of great importance. In most cases men have this kind of surgery after losing a lot of weigh when a so-called apron” is formed.

Implants do not have a specific expiration date. Modern implants are completely safe for a human body. In rare cases, there is a need for repeated breast implant surgery due to individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

Many women that have breast implants successfully breastfeed their babies. Difficulties may arise only for those patients who have undergone endoprosthetics by transareolar access.

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